Monday, June 30, 2014

Faith's Scream

     Faith always thought that the universe was absurd as universe was an ocean of questions. In her childhood, her father always taught her how to pray that there was a force, a very powerful force possessed our beloved universe. The only one, the Authoritarian. The Creator of the being, the human and all, and the Ruler of the universe. The Supreme Being that had existed a long- a very long time ago even before the first human being was created, of course.

     Faith’s father said that we had to worship the Great Creator at least five times a day and did many others. He added that these rituals were a way to express of thanks to HimHim? Honestly, Faith even did not know the appropriate way to call the Creator as she had not met Him, or Her? When she asked her father about that notion, he answered that the Supreme was not a He or She, we just called Him (?) with many of His beautiful names, the Most Merciful, the most Compassionate, the Monarch, the Tranquility, the Almighty, the Faithfuland so forth. (Faith remembered, at that time, she had to remember the names, and she just ended in the 33rd name of them).

     Faith grew, now, she was a teenager. She entered the dormitory and got along with her many new female friends who wearing the same hijab as her. The dormitory was a very big place, but not a very different place at all. Here, a question about the Supreme would never be allowed. Hmm, why it had to be allowed, really? as she, and many others of her friends, had never thought that there was doubt about the Supreme. He was absolute. No one should question about His existence, her teachers had said once, hmm, maybe more. Therefore, she never questioned about Him anymore so that she rarely questioned her father anymore.

     One day, Faith went to a new school. The school was a city in her neighborhood. If she always walked to her dormitory during elementary school, now she had to go to her new school by a bicycle or sometimes her father would take her up with his motorcycle. Faith would be in her father back for some minutes before she could see the building of her new schoolIf you asked Faith about the school, there was nothing to be told really. The school was small, far smaller than her dormitory, she could say. But, despite its small size, she found many different things she must not have found in her old school. Then she remembered that she had started to ask her father again. About other names.

     When Faith entered college, she met more different friends. Some of them had the same of name about the Creator just like her. Some others had different names, but some of the names had already been familiar when she was in my middle and high school. Time by timethe names had extra addition, her God, her friend’s God, another friend’s God, and so on...... the names that actually all of us-don’t-know-who-or-what grew longer and longer.

     Another day, Faith met many new friends. They called themselves as agnostics or even atheists. Since then, she would have never asked anything anymore to her father as she thought her father would answer the same and she knew she would not have never satisfied.

      Faith is thinking whether she will become more mature, she thinks she knows everything but the world is still absurd till now. She has a question she have kept in mind for very long time. Can human intelligence overcome the intelligence limitations? Or can human intelligence recognize the limitations of intelligence itself, she always asks herself, not certain. 

Name: Hikma Rizkita Putri
This story's idea is actually in my mind for long time. It is interesting that I can write a simple story for such an abstract mind.

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